Editing Tutorial: Backlit Beach Reflection
Editing Tutorial: Backlit Beach Reflection Product description

This 55-minute full editing tutorial shows my entire workflow from import to final image on a backlit reflection photo on the beach. You will get so many insights from this video, including:

  • All of the global edits I do in Adobe Lightroom

  • How I use 3 different Adobe Lightroom masks on all of my photos to make the subject pop

  • Using Topaz Denoise... without over-doing it

  • What do I do in Adobe Lightroom versus Adobe Photoshop (and how to mask in both)

  • Using my favorite actions package ever, Greater than Gatsby 

  • Dodging and burning your subject for additional definition

  • Adding a gradient for a cotton-candy aesthetic

Everything taken from this video can be used on a wide variety of backlit photos!

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